A Million Tiny Things

The Sum of Its Parts

Kim and Dianne Miller have been raising cattle on grass for more than 20 years and have learned along the way how to produce a consistent, tasty, healthful, and delectable beef eating experience.  We have dispelled our naive assumptions about the simplicity of this work along the way.   

Kananga Farm is a 256 acres grass farm located one mile north of the diamond in Ligonier, PA.  We feature Devon cattle, a British hertiage breed that have historically finished well on grass.  Our cattle grow on a diet of 100% grass and we never feed anitbiotics or use growth hormones. We also eschew pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizer. We do provide a free choice smorgasboard of organic minerals to supplemant the minerals that are naturally available in the grass at Kananga Farm.

Kananga Farm utilizes a pasture rotation system called Mob Grazing.  This system emphasizes high herd density, but for a short duration.  The goal is to have the herd eat only a portion of the grass, but trample the rest onto the ground where it along with the urine and manure can be in contact with the soil so that the worms, microbes,and bacteria that live in the soil can be nourished too.  As soon as sixty days later the process can be repeated on a lush stand of new grass.

The Mob Grazing method builds top soil which sequesters carbon; thereby taking carbon out of the atmosphere and returning it to the soil. This reduces the farms carbon footprint while producing luscious, highly nutritious feed for the cattle.  This method also greatly reduces soil loss through run off, preserving it for future farmers.

Mob Grazing also contributes to the cleanliness of the cattle and they just don’t suffer from respiratory illness.  Frequent movement to new pasture land contributes to a decrease in cattle disease and parasitic activity. Plus the cattle are eating a diet of fresh and nutritious mixed grasses.  What better way to produce gourmet beef?   (Read on or order now by clicking KANANGA FARM STORE)